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7 Star Immigration Consultancy Inc. is a full service Canadian Immigration Services Company that caters to Immigration needs of aspiring candidates from all over the world.  We focus on customised solutions to applicants within Canada’s Legal framework. We are headquartered in BC, Canada.

Founder, Mr. Ekjot Brar is a member in good standing with Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) or Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant.


7 Star Immigration Consultancy Inc. is driven through a clear vision: “Deliver excellent professional service experience in helping applicants from across the world achieve their dream of visiting, studying, working or making Canada their home”

The organisation is built on fundamental principles of “Research, Knowledge, Competence and Confidence”.

We emphasize on conducting a thorough primary evaluation of a candidate profile in order to determine if they fall within any existing immigration programs. We understand that an accurate assessment at this stage will be instrumental in simplifying the pathway to Canada. At the end of primary evaluation, we will clearly communicate if your profile does not match with current requirements and if so, will disclose steps to be taken to qualify for one of the programs.


There are many reason to choose Canada as the destination to spend life.

Education: Canada is top performing country in terms of quality of educational system according to OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development). Five of the world’s Top 100 Colleges are in Canada. Canada offers world class education in schools for free!

Known worldwide for its exceptional quality of life that includes well developed education system, Political stability, infrastructure, well developed public healthcare system, safety, income equality and affordability (https://www.usnews.com/news/best-countries/overall-full-list)

Economy: Canada has been one of the top five leaders in the G-7 countries over the past decade. Canada has been called the best country in G-20 to do business with.

Medical: Medical services are governed by provinces as per federal standards. These services are free to permanent residents and citizens of Canada.

Old age Security, Canada Pension Plan and Income supplement: All these programs provide financial support (pension) to workers who reach a retirement age.  There are certain residency requirements to meet to be eligible for these programs.

Maternity and Parental Leaves:  In Canada, working parents can take leaves when a new baby is born and receive up to 65% of their normal income while on leave.

There are many other benefits such as student loans, unemployment benefits, disability benefits which make Canada #1 country to live in.

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