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Express Entry

Express Entry is electronic file management system used by Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to help Skilled Workers in Canada and abroad apply for Permanent Residence under any of the three Economic Immigration Programs namely Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program and Canadian Experience Class Program.  Provinces of Canada also select candidates from Express Entry pool that meet their local labour market demand under respective Provincial Nomination Program (PNP)

Federal Skilled Worker Program


  • Candidates have to demonstrate minimum Full time work experience of one year or equal part time experience acquired in 2 years during last 10 years. Full time work experience of one year is equal to 1560 working hours (30 hours per week). This work experience has to be in National Occupational Code 0, A or B
  • Candidates have to meet minimum language requirements of CLB 7 or IELTS 6 bands in each of the four learning abilities.
  • Applicants have to obtain 67 pass marks out of 100 on six selection factor criteria to be eligible to enter the pool of express entry.
  • Selection factors are:





-Valid Job Offer



Once a Candidate is eligible to enter the pool based on the above 67 points criteria, Comprehensive Ranking Score is assigned. Candidates are invited to apply for Permanent Residency based on their CRS.  We will work with candidates to improve their Comprehensive score during the period for which their Express Entry profile is active.

Federal Skilled Trades Program

This program is for eligible professionals working in eligible trades:



  • Meet minimum  Language requirements (CLB 5 for Listening and Speaking and CLB 4 for writing and reading)
  • Have 2 years of full time work experience in last 5 years in the relevant Trade as per given NOC
  • Have a valid job offer for a period of at least 1 year, this offer may be made up of upto 2 employers

Canadian Experience Class

This class is for Permanent Resident applicants who possess Canadian Work Experience of at least 1 year.


  • Minimum Language requirements:  CLB 7 for NOC 0 & A and CLB 6 for NOC B
  • Work Experience: Minimum 1 year of work experience in relevant NOC in Canada, acquired legally
  • Education: There is no minimum education requirements for CEC however adding education will improve chances of being selected from the pool of candidates with Higher Comprehensive Ranking Score

Provincial Nominee Programs

Most of the provinces in Canada can invite Candidates based on their unique labour market demand through Provincial Nominee Program. Each province has its own immigration programs that target certain groups for example- Students, Business people, Skilled or Semi-skilled workers.


Usually, there are two ways to apply for Provincial Nomination Programs:

1)  Non Express Entry Application- A paper based application process where an application is made to the province without the need of having an express entry profile and

2) Express Entry Provincial Nomination stream:  Applicants create Express Entry profiles and Province picks their profiles based on their labour market needs.

Student Visa

Canada is ranked in top 10 global educational destinations and has been lucrative place for many reasons. The government of Canada receives a $15 Billion through the contribution by international students. Canada considers Students as most suitable candidates to apply for Permanent Residency because of their educational credentials, work experience and adaptability to the Canadian Market place. Students are allowed to work along with their studies


Canadian Universities and Colleges offer broad range of career options to select from. The requirements of selection within a course or program will vary based on the individual institute’s requirement.

Please note the requirements:

  1. Proof of Acceptance: Letter of acceptance, will carry a unique number called DLI Designated Learning Institute.
  2. IELTS Results- Must not be more than 2 years old.( 6 bands in each learning ability)
  3. Payment of Fees at the DLI
  4. Financial proof to demonstrate  to have enough funds to support yourself in Canada
  5. Medical examination to demonstrate good health


Canada offers multicultural environment to international students and provides the best system to develop them into invaluable workforce. International students receive tremendous exposure of while achieving their career dreams. Students have flexibility to select from more than 100 universities, more than 150 community colleges and around 1000 career colleges. Canada’s immigration system is structured to put highest emphasis on Canadian Education and Work Experience, this adds to the benefit of international students who can apply for permanent residency if they meet the requirements of the programs then.

Visitor Visa

Every year approximately 14 million people visit Canada and the numbers are going up gradually.  Visitors from around the world land in Canada to witness the exceptional scenic beauty and also to meet their family and friends.  Visitor Visa/Temporary Resident Visa are granted to While it is evident that more and more people get approved to travel to Canada, it is important to ensure certain basic requirements are met in order to succeed


For a successful application of temporary residence, you need to:


  • Prove that you will leave Canada at the end of your authorised period of stay
  • Show that you have enough money to maintain yourself and family members in Canada
  • Not intend to work or study unless authorised to do so
  • Be law abiding and have no record of criminal activity
  • Not to be risk to the security of Canada
  • Remain in good health ( medical if required)

Super Visa

Super visa is also known as extended visitor visa under which parents and grandparents of Permanent Residents and Citizens can live in Canada for consecutive 2 years.  This visa avoids the hassles parents have to undergo to travel back and forth to stay with their children and grandchildren.


To be eligible for this program, the children have to meet Minimum income requirements in last Financial Year as per the family size in Low Income Cut- Off Table.

Family Sponsorship

Family Reunification is one of the primary objectives of Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. Canada always puts emphasis on reuniting families in Canada.

If you are a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident, you can sponsor certain relatives to Canada.  A sponsor has to meet certain requirements to be eligible to sponsor a spouse or dependent family member.  


Spousal Sponsorship: You may sponsor your spouse from within Canada or Outside Canada. The benefit of In-Canada class Spousal Sponsorship is that, the spouse might be able to receive Open Work Permit until the application for permanent residency gets processed.

It is very important to include specific documents in a sponsorship application such as proof of relationship, proof of cohabitation and proof of Marriage.

Our professional approach towards representing your case will involve in-depth analysis of your case and preparation of application that is inclusive of all important documents. We will also prepare you for Interview if you are called for one.

Work Permit

Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA):  This document confirms that none of Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident is able to perform the job offered by a Canadian employer to foreign worker. In most of the situations LMIA is a prerequisite for Work Permit Application to succeed, however, there are certain exemptions to the requirement of LMIA.


  • If you are an employer looking to hire a foreign worker on a temporary or permanent basis, we can assist you navigate through the system to put together an application for Labour Market Impact Assessment.  As an employer you have to meet with certain requirements in order to apply for LMIA. You are also required to continue adhere to employer compliance after the foreign worker is hired.
  • If you are an employee, and have an employer willing to offer you a job and needs assistance with LMIA, we will connect with the employer and assist in preparing the application for LMIA.


Post-Graduation Work Permit: Students may be eligible to receive Work Permit of upto 3 years depending upon their course eligibility and duration. We help students apply for Open Work Permit for specified period of time.


We also assist applicants to apply for Open work permit or employer specific work permits.

Business Immigration

Canada welcomes successful business owners to establish businesses and

provide economic growth opportunities. Business Immigration is primarily managed through various

Provincial Nomination Programs. Each province has its own selection criteria and evaluation system.

Usually following are few salient points of Business Immigration

  • Active business ownership
  • Senior Management role
  • Net worth requirements
  • Intend to reside and set up business in a particular province
  • Business plan to start or acquire a business
  • We will guide you at each stage of complex investor/investor visa application.

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