Agri-Food Pilot

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What is Agri-Food Pilot Program?

The three-year Agri-Food pilot aims to fulfil labour shortage, particularly in the meat processing sector & mushroom production sector!! The agriculture & Agri-food industry is an essential contributor to the overall economic growth & vitality.

Agricultural exports hit a new record in 2018, reaching up to $ 66.2 billion. It supports around one in eight jobs in Canada. The aim is to help the Agri-Food sector bring full-time, non-seasonal foreign workers needed to fill growing labour gaps.

The latest pilot aims at helping the Agro-Food industry bring full time non-seasonal foreign workers needed to fill growing labour gaps. It seeks to retain workers by offering them an opportunity to become permanent residents following a two-year stint on a temporary work permit instead of renewing the work permit in a repeated manner.

A maximum of 2,750 principal applicants and family members will be accepted for processing in a given year. This represents approximately 16,500 possible new permanent residents over the three-year duration of the pilot.


Eligibility Criteria-

  • Have Qualifying Work Experience
  • Have a Qualifying job offer
  • Meet or exceed the minimum language requirement
  • Meet or exceed educational requirements
  • Need to prove you have enough money to settle in the community

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