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Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program is an employer-run pilot program designed to bring candidates to the region and offer job opportunities that Canadian citizens and permanent citizens did not fill.

To hire through the AIPP, candidates must obtain a valid job offer. Usually, they cannot get a Canadian job offer until they don’t obtain a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). Please note that LMIA is not required for the AIPP. Instead, the job must be offered by a designated employer.

Three programs are running under the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program, targeting different types of candidates:

Atlantic High-Skilled Program

The Atlantic High-Skilled Program is designed for skilled workers with management, technical or professional job experience. Moreover, they must have a job offer lasting for at least one year. They need to fulfil other requirements for this program as well.

Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled Program

This employer-led program is designed for candidates who need a high school education and/or specific jobs. The job offer must be permanent. Candidates need to fulfil other requirements for this program as well.

Atlantic International Graduate Program

The Atlantic International Graduate Program is for those candidates who have obtained a degree, diploma or other educational credentials from any public-funded institution in Atlanta. For this program, work experience is not needed. But, the applicants must have a job offer from a designated employer for the duration of one year.

Optional Temporary Work Permit

In certain cases, candidates can request a temporary work permit before applying for their permanent residency in Atlanta. This way, they are allowed to start working while their application for Canadian permanent residence is processed.

Settlement Plan

Candidates who want to apply through these three AIP programs need a Settlement Plan highlighting resources required for them and their families. They need to prepare the Settlement Plan after receiving an employment offer.

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