BC PNP Programs

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Provincial Nomination Program is a designed immigration program controlled by the Canadian government in correspondence to individual provinces. Provincial governments are solely responsible for managing all personal objectives. The immigration department of the federal government decides primarily on residency applications.

PNP is for those having expertise in a particular skill

The provincial nomination program is for those individuals having expertise in specific job fields. They need to possess a kind of skill & education and some amount of work experiences capable of contributing to the country’s economy.

Each of the provinces in this part of the world has different immigration programs and some specific requirements. The application protocol depends primarily on the particular PNP you are applying for. You can either apply through the paper-based process or the online process or follow the online process through express entry.

Ways of Applying For Provincial Nominee Program in Canada

  • Finding PNP that is applicable for you
  • Filing application to choose PNP
  • Gaining provincial nomination certificate
  • Applying for permanent residence

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