Co Op Work Permit

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What is Co-op Work Permit?

If an international student is contemplating a program in Canada & it requires them to attend a co-op internship program or work placement, they can apply for the Co-op work permit. The Co-op work permit is separate and not related to the part-time work permit issued by a Canadian study permit. They need to be a legitimate holder of a valid study permit to apply for the co-op work permit.

What are the requirements to register for a Co-op work permit?

After getting a co-op permit, it is your responsibility to ensure co-op opportunity meets the fundamental requirement meets all central compliance. It is to be noted that the regulatory requirement is to devote full-time tasks for at least 30 hours a week. There must be a registration in the co-op course, and finally, the co-op duration must be approximately equal to the overall academic term duration.

Who can apply?

International students can apply for a co-op work permit if they fulfil the following criteria:

  • They hold a valid student permit.
  • They are enrolled in a study program requiring mandatory job placement to obtain the credits needed for the program.
  • If they have a letter from the educational institution that authorizes work placement & it confirms that the work placement is required in the field of study


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