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Canada offers a lot of opportunities for academic activities. It allows students to take up many programs from graduate to undergraduate degrees, masters programs and PhDs. It means if you choose to come to Canada as a visitor & while you are here, you choose an institution as long as the program is completed within the length of time your Visa is valid, and you will not require a study permit. If you come to Canada for a short study of under six months in length, you will not require a study permit.

  • However, if you are planning to extend your program beyond six months or the length of the Visa, you need to apply for a study permit.
  • This program is ideal for individuals who, for example, choose to take a language course like improving their English.
  • Most of the courses can be completed within the six months of time frame.
  • If you decide you wish to extend, you must inform about the change of circumstances & apply for the latest study permit.
  • Your field of study in Canada will also decide on how long your PGWP will be valid.
  • If you choose to school for a year of study, you can apply for the 1-year post-grad work permit.