Family Sponsorship

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Canada offers more than 60 immigration programs!! The second-largest country in the world provides a better standard of living and is counted among the world’s wealthy nations. As a hotbed, Canada attracts thousands of immigrants all around the year to work, live & study.

As individuals leave their native places to begin a new chapter of their lives, the government believes in keeping families together and thereby designing a family sponsorship program. The program allows adult permanent residents or Canadian citizens to sponsor a family or relative in Canada.

The individuals seeking sponsorship must be:

  • Spouse, joint partner, conjugal partner
  • Grandparent or parent
  • Dependent child
  • Grandchild under 18 years not yet married or orphaned

Requirements for a sponsor for the family sponsorship program

Our team is experienced and has the authentic license to get a family sponsorship program. Apart from being a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, the sponsor needs to fulfil the following requirement:

  • Should be of 18 years at least
  • Not be charged with some severe offences
  • Not a bankrupt
  • Prove to support members of the family, if necessary, in a financial manner
  • Either dwell in Canada prove their intention to live in Canada when the sponsored relative arrives

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