LMIA / Work Permit

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Since no one is willing to file up for the vacant position, the employer gets the chance to invite foreign candidates to apply. The respective employers need to advertise proactively for respective work positions.

The process requires a lot of documentation along with other statistical details. For example, a numerical breakdown of the total number of Canadian applicants is to be seen. At the same time, the total number of unqualified members & the number of complete employment offers are to be brought to the core.

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An LMIA work permit is also defined as a closed or employer-specific permit. This is the lease desire able of the work permit. This permit is very restrictive as it allows you to work with the respective organization that LMIA is approved under.

Advantages of LMIA Work Permit:

  • Full accountability of the employer to the EDSC for the length of LMIA
  • LMIA fees are covered by the employer
  • LMIA holder is responsible for the cost of bringing employees to Canada
  • LMIA holder is accountable for any medical insurance that is in requirement while in employment.
  • An employee knows precisely the length of time & the wage which will be paid to them during their time.
  • Employees gain valued work experience in Canada.
  • Non-seasonal LMIA employees will have an option for future immigration.