Student Spouse Work Permit

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Canada has always been a friendly nation & is still trying to do its best to reunify family members from abroad countries. One such program is the spousal open work student permit!! It is given to the student’s spouses currently in studies in one of the DLI’s available in Canada.

This is authorized for the similar length of time you pursue academics in Canada. If you are enrolled in a 3-year-old study program, you will receive a 3-year-old work permit available to your spouse.

How can we help?

We as a team are ready to help you out & make sure that you are not facing any complex situation. We will put the best foot forward as and when required and ensure that you get all the support to get the documentation filed properly.

Ways of Applying?

  • You need to apply for the program through online portals
  • The permit is an open work permit & it gives the spouse options at any field of work
  • This allows the student & yourself to survive financial requirements while your spouse is learning
  • The spouse will have a couple of options while applying for a student spousal open work permit (a) they can apply simultaneously. The prospective student is using to have their work permit immediately on arrival. (b) They can use it in Canada once they arrive with their spouse!! It makes take 3-4 months to receive a work permit before seeking employment.