Tourist Visa

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A standard Canadian tourist visa is provided to someone who wants to visit this beautiful country for a tourism purpose or as a visitor to a relative. Before applying for a tourist visa, it is important to know your purpose.

NOTE: A Canadian tourist visa is also referred to as a visitor visa. Alternatively, it is called Temporary Resident Visa (TRV), the official document issued by a Canadian visa office. This visa allows you to stay in Canada for up to 6 months. There are two ways this visa can be granted –

  • Single-entry: Allowing people to travel to Canada just for one time
  • Multiple-entry: Allowing people to travel to and from Canada multiple times for 6 months at a time

Types of Visitor Visa

  • Visit / Tourism
  • Work
  • Study
  • Temporary Resident

Who Needs a Visitor Visa?

A non-migrant Canadian visitor visa is usually issued to –

  • Tourists
  • Business professionals
  • Students
  • People who wish to stay in Canada for a specific purpose like family visitation

Canada Tourist Visa Requirements

In order to get a Canadian visitor visa, there are some basic requirements you need to fulfil. These requirements include:

  • A valid travel document (passport)
  • No criminal record or immigration-related convictions
  • Proof that you will leave Canada after your visit there
  • Evidence that you have ties such as home, job, family or financial assets that can prove that you will return to your home country
  • Be in good health
  • Proof that you have enough money to support your financial expenditure during your stay in Canada

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