Workers Family Visitor Visa

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You may have multiple options for bringing your family members to Canada. However, deciding the right path of immigration is not so easy. You may need some professional help regarding workers family visitor visa. 7 Star Immigration Consultancy INC provides a comprehensive range of visa services to meet your immigration requirements. For any questions, queries or concerns, please contact us for more clarification!

Being a foreign worker in Canada, you can invite your spouse, children, common-law partner or parents to visit this country. They require a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV), also known as an entry visa or visitor visa for this purpose.

Application for Workers Family Visitor Visa

There are two ways you can apply for a visitor visa for your family (an open work permit in the case of your spouse):

  • Before leaving your home country – you can apply for a visitor visa for your family online or offline at the same time when you apply for your Canadian work permit
  • After moving to Canada – you can invite your family to live with you in Canada by supporting their visitor visa application

Required Documents for Workers Family Visitor Visa

  • Letter of invitation – Providing all information about your family member whom you are going to invite to join you in Canada
  • Your current status documents – A copy of your work permit
  • Information about financial support – A copy of the last four months of your bank statements/ scholarship information/ document describing any other financial support you have

NOTE: Although your spouse will be eligible to apply through Spousal Open Work Permit after arriving in Canada, IRCC wouldn’t consider the possibility of this income during the time of assessing information about your financial supports.